Zoe Piper

Founded in 2008, Delmata is focused on identifying investment and joint venture opportunities.

We continuously monitor market needs, trends, opportunities, new initiatives and sources of capital, identifying ways to draw them together into a range of collaborative projects and business ventures. Essentially we aim to acquire or create quality products and services that we can build a solid business around.

Delmata looks for products and services that represent the best way things can be done. That is they create the biggest societal benefit for the least impact. We like products that are about making business and life easier, more productive/efficient, and more enjoyable. We especially like creative ways for minimising resource usage and waste (built on circular economy concepts). We’re not too interested in what is hot right now, but rather what is going to make the biggest improvement to wellbeing over the long term. We’re less concerned with the sector than with the size of the potential market and possible impact.

Delmata is always open to discussing potential projects and business ventures that could benefit from our expertise, whether that be as an advisor, investor or facilitator of connections. If you are interested in exploring potential opportunities, please contact us.